360, Magic Mirror & Selfie Booth Template Design Portal

Thank you for booking one of our Photo Booths for your event. To make your experience really personal please pick a template for your images.

Here’s some top tips to consider when picking a design…

  • Do you have a theme? If so look for a themed overlay – birthday, Christmas, corporate event
  • Is it your wedding? Think of what designs may match your theme.. flowers, bridesmaid dresses, venue decor, etc.
  • Try to match the same colour as the balloons or birthday cake
  • If it is a company event? You may want to match your brand colours

Once you have your chosen design you will be asked for text you would like included. We will always use the date of the event as well as the occasion, you will need to tell us how you would like personal text used, for example:

  • Is it a wedding?
    “Congratulations Mr & Mrs Windsor”
    “The wedding of Will & Kate”
    Or just your names on their own “Will & Kate”
  • For birthdays we will use the birthday boy/girls first name
  • For corporate we will discuss with you. Information such as your logo, website, contact information or hashtags may be beneficial.

Once you have submitted your design, we will finalise the design within 1 week and then send a proof over for you to authorise. Once authorised we will then load it on to our Photo Booth.

If you need any help with any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us.

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